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on the road

After almost two years of exhibiting art about social and environmental justice, SEA Change is now closed. SEA Change co-curators Alec Neal and Katherine Ball have hit the streets with a mobile project called the Solutions Revolution. As they bike across the United States and take a train and boat down to Cancun for the United Nations Climate Change Conference, Katherine and Alec are filming a documentary about local communities’ solutions to the climate crisis. For more information, visit:

Check out SEA Change’s archive to learn more about the events and exhibits SEA Change facilitated:

Katherine and Alec will continue creating and curating social, environmental art. Alec’s art can be found at . If you would like to stay in touch, sign up for the SEA Change mailing list on the right side of this page.

Thank you for your support, interest, and wonderful work in the world!

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our last exhibit

September 2010

“you call that a crown?”

Four Vancouver Island based artists put on a show

  • Marlene Bouchard
  • Marlaina Büch
  • Ross Angus Macaulay
  • Novembird

A site specific presentation on refuse, acquisition, authenticity, urban life, recipes and public water.

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august art exhibit

Prints by Taring Padi (top) and Justseeds (bottom) shine a light on the impacts of proposed LNG pipelines

August: Taring Padi and Justseeds

We Agree: A Crisis in Common

Exhibit Opening: Thursday, August 5, 5pm – 10pm

On display will be two large blockprints, one made by the Portland-based members of the Justseeds Artist Cooperative, and the other by members of Taring Padi, an artist cooperative from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The two prints, each measuring three feet by nine feet, are bold, graphic depictions of the impact of the Natural gas industry and its satellites on the landscape and peoples of both sides of the Pacific.

Read further:

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closing party!

SEA Change Closing Party!

Friday, July 30 from 5:00 till late!
Organic Beer! Music! Food! Friends!
Bring a potluck snack to share

Please note: we still have 3 more incredible shows left!
For a sneak peak, visit:

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july art exhibit

Lifesize drawing of the California Brown Pelican on a Barney's New   York garment bag

July Exhibit: Alicia Escott
Last night, again, you were in my dreams…

Opening Reception: Thursday, July 1 from 6p-10p

Alicia Escott is an artist, curator, and activist living and working in San Francisco.  Her work deals with loss on a personal as well as social level.  Escott’s delicate drawings have been widely shown in galleries, — where facilities exist — they have been recycled, and have been littered throughout the country.

At SEA Change, Alicia will display her large drawings in various states of decay, arranged to resemble a plastic landscape or ecosystem.

For more information on the exhibit, visit:

Alicia Escott - Documentation of the further hybridization of a   cutbow trout (Oncorhynchus clarki x mykiss)
Alicia Escott – Documentation of the further hybridization of a   cutbow trout (Oncorhynchus clarki x mykiss)
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The Free Market

The Free Market is now open for its second season!

Come to SEA Change on Mondays at 11am for FREE freshly picked, organic local produce and locally baked bread and muffins. Everyone is welcome, no one will be turned away, but please help spread the word about The Free Market to folks who are unemployed, underemployed, hungry, homeless, or need a break. Please bring your own reusable bags.

The Free Market is made possible by amazing Portland nonprofit Urban Gleaners,

Urban Gleaners vertical logo

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understanding sustainability

Please join us at SEA Change for a conference reception from 7:00-9:00 on Friday, May 21.

SEA Change Co-curator Katherine Ball will also be speaking on a panel on Arts, Ecology, and Civic Engagement at 10:45am in room 110.

Understanding Sustainability: Perspectives from the Humanities. A National Conference

May 20-22, 2010
Native American Student and Community Center
Portland State University

The conference is free and open to the public.

We hear talk of “sustainability” everywhere—sometimes as an ecological vision, an advertising strategy, a countercultural dream or even a business model. Given the diverse uses of “sustainability,” how might those of us who invoke it most effectively address our ecological, economic, and social challenges? This conference is an invitation to construct bridges across the diverse terrains of sustainability theory and practice, engaging in productive dialogue and debate that might lead to innovative green frameworks for environmental scholarship, activism, research, and policy.

  • To these ends, the Second Annual International Conference on “Understanding Sustainability” seeks to encourage innovative dialogues between diverse groups that are not always in conversation.
  • Humanities scholars working in fields such as ecocriticism, green cultural studies, environmental ethics, philosophy of science, and environmental history
  • Social scientists working in the areas of social sustainability, environmental justice, environmental economics, sustainable business practices
  • Local designers, city planners, and social service providers who are building Portland’s reputation as a leader in sustainability, and
  • Artists and activists shaping ideas of green ethics and aesthetics or new strategies of political participation

This national conference follows upon the inaugural conference from last year, and will bring over sixty scholars from across diverse disciplines and backgrounds to Portland to draw out the controversies over the meaning and practice of sustainability.

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may’s art exhibit

Making Space by Project Grow

Exhibit Opening: Thursday, May 6, 2010
6:00 – 9:00

Project Grow is a collective of artists and farmers who work together in a shared studio and chemical free farm in Portland, Oregon.  The Project Grow team is roughly 23 mentally diverse people, plus the many friends and volunteers that work and play with them.

Making Space is a residency at Sea Change, where Project Grow artists will re-envision and direct the making of a temporary satellite Project Grow program in the gallery. This satellite project will include spontaneous programming as well as the physical transformation of the gallery space. Volunteers, staff and visitors are invited to participate as artist assistants. The residency begins May 3 and continues through Monday, May 17.

For more information about Project Grow, please visit or read more about the exhibit here:

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Building Together

Posted by: Sea Change Gallery | March 31, 2010

april’s art exhibit

The Making of a Gentle Person: an incomplete history of the spirit of resistance

Artist: Constance Hockaday

Art exhibit duration: April 1-25
Opening: April 1, 6p -10p
Performance at 7:30

The Making of a Gentle Person is a collection of stories told by radicals, artists, and adventurers that have helped shaped the American counter culture in the last decades. Through intimate recorded interviews and an installation archive of people’s experience living in resistance to American capitalist culture, artist Constance Hockaday creates a narrative about what she calls the political left’s crisis of spirit. This project strives to reveal an evolution of conviction, the importance of the random and extreme, and most importantly challenges viewers to remember their human capabilities.

During the exhibit, Hockaday will transform the gallery into a recording studio where she will interview Tre Arrow, Barry Sanders, Vanessa Renwick, Jules Boykoff, Just Seeds, Karen Coulter, Rachel Hardesty, Roslyn Farrinton, Frances Michaelson of City Repair, Ariana Jacob, and Julie Koehlor.

Constance Hockaday is an activist and socially engaged artist. Her interests include raft building and the ethics of participation. She has exhibited at apexart in New York City, lectured on social practice art ethics at the University of Toronto, was a featured artist at the Portland Art Museum’s Shine A Light, and crashed the Venice Biennale with the Swimming Cities of Serenissima.

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