Posted by: Sea Change Gallery | April 1, 2009

A Room-A Loom

August & September Art ExhibitA-Room-A-Loom

Past A-Room-A-Loom at Workspace 3061 in Los Angeles

Past A-Room-A-Loom at Workspace 2601 in Los Angeles

Artist: Julia Sherman of Workspace 2601 

Reception: Thursday, September 3 from 5-10pm

Come help weave! At the reception and anytime between 11-5pm on August 7, 8, 29, 30, 31, every Saturday and Sunday in September, or email to set up a different weaving time. Please bring materials—reused and recycled materials if possible!

Description: A-Room-A-Loom is a site-specific weaving experiment. With consideration for the architecture of the gallery, the loom uses the building’s walls to turn a room into a simple machine. With the loom spanning the width and breadth of the space, there is no place to enter without becoming part of the planar field of yarn and donated materials. An invitation to bring your own materials and learn to weave will be extended to members of the SEA Change community, craft chat rooms, Portland culture websites and whoever happens to peek their head in our door to see what we are up to. This loom is a very simple incarnation of what can be a very complex craft, and people are thrilled to have the opportunity to pick up the basics so quickly and with so little pressure. Anyone can be taught how to weave on the A-Room-A-Loom in a matter of minutes. Participants often form new friendships while sharing stories about the materials they bring in.

Past A-Room-A-Looms in Los Angeles and Philadelphia have generated a curiosity for weaving and empowered the viewer to co-create a large-scale artistic project. Some past materials used have been: Dog fur, weeds from a neighbor’s garden, a blanket from distant travels, bubble wrap, the yellow pages, an ex-girlfriend’s pajamas, John Baldessari’s toilet paper, audio cassette tape, and tons of old clothes.

A-Room-A-Loom (before weaving)

A-Room-A-Loom (before weaving)



A-Room-A-Loom at Copy Gallery in Philadelphia

A-Room-A-Loom created at Copy Gallery in Philadelphia


weaving together!

voila! c'est fini!

voila! c'est fini!



  1. next time we come to Portland and visit the Chinese Gardens, we will come over and check out the gallery!

  2. this looks fantastic. so sorry we couldn’t be there.

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