Posted by: Sea Change Gallery | December 2, 2009

climate change alphabet

Good News! Thanks to Roger Peet of Justseeds and Heather McLaughlin of Flight64, the banner letters have been printed and are ready to be sewn into banners for the Dec. 12 Climate Change March in Copenhagen!

Visit for more info on how you can help make banners.

SEA Change is hosting banner making workshops for the Climate Change March in Copenhagen, Denmark. During the workshops, participants will decide what the banners should say by selecting handmade letters from a preprinted stockpile and sewing them together.

This December, the UN will be meeting in Copenhagen to discuss climate change. These banners will be carried in the Dec. 12 Climate Change March and Reclaim Power, a peaceful takeover of the UN Climate Change Summit. A multitude of community organizations, concerned citizens, and activists are meeting in Copenhagen to demonstrate strong support for progressive, scientifically based climate change legislation. Letters for the banners were printed in Portland, Oregon by Heather McLaughlin of Flight64, Roger Peet of Justseeds, and Katherine Ball of SEA Change. The letters will be sewn into banners at Betonsalon in Paris, France, Klimaforum09 in Copenhagen, and at the Yes Men’s Copenhagen Headquarters: Gallery Poulsen.  If you have a phrase in mind, please email it to or post it as a comment to the bottom of this page. In January, the banners will be displayed at Apex Art in New York City as part of the Incidental Person exhibit. A presentation will also be given in Portland.


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