Posted by: Sea Change Gallery | January 22, 2010

cop15 dispatch: presentation

What happened in Copenhagen?
What’s happening in Portland?
What’s going to happen in Mexico City?

Presentation and Discussion: Saturday, January 30 @ 3pm

Climate Change March, Copenhagen December 12

What happened in Copenhagen?
SEA Change co-curators Alec Neal (above) and Katherine Ball just returned from COP15: The United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. Learn about the creative activism they particpated in: making banners for the 100,000 person march, Yes Men stunts, and the Bike Bloc. Watch eye-opening speeches by leaders of the climate change movement, including Evo Morales and George Monbiot.

What’s happening with the climate change movement in Portland?
Share what you know and ideas you have.

What’s going to happen in Mexico City?
COP16 will be Mexico City in November 2010. At COP15, Danish activists did an amazing job organizing demonstrations, conferences, and getting the word out. Now that COP16 is on our continent, how will we lead and organize?

Can’t make it to the presentation?
Check out the videos about COP15 on SEA Change’s website:


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