Posted by: Sea Change Gallery | March 15, 2010


Celebrate Gray Water Reuse in Oregon on World Water Day
March 22, from 5:30-7:30 pm at SEA Change

Thanks to an awesome grassroots campaign, gray water reuse is being legalized in Oregon – let’s celebrate this major step towards a more sustainable state!!

Recode Oregon invites you to revel in this victory, while being educated about gray water and supporting Recode’s statewide organizing efforts.

The event includes:
* a debut of Recode’s new video about gray water systems;
* updates about the ongoing Gray Water Advisory Committee and rulemaking;
* a sneak preview of Recode’s new EcoSanitation campaign;
* special guest Rep. Ben Cannon – one of the gray water bill’s champions;
* food, drinks and fun!

This celebration is a benefit for Recode’s statewide organizing tour to connect people throughout the state who are working to create sustainable culture by changing laws and regulations to encourage sustainable building and land use. This tour will culminate in a state wide Recode forum to strategize on future projects and campaigns.

$5-50 sliding scale donations requested.

For more information about Recode or this event, please see


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