Posted by: Sea Change Gallery | March 31, 2010

april’s art exhibit

The Making of a Gentle Person: an incomplete history of the spirit of resistance

Artist: Constance Hockaday

Art exhibit duration: April 1-25
Opening: April 1, 6p -10p
Performance at 7:30

The Making of a Gentle Person is a collection of stories told by radicals, artists, and adventurers that have helped shaped the American counter culture in the last decades. Through intimate recorded interviews and an installation archive of people’s experience living in resistance to American capitalist culture, artist Constance Hockaday creates a narrative about what she calls the political left’s crisis of spirit. This project strives to reveal an evolution of conviction, the importance of the random and extreme, and most importantly challenges viewers to remember their human capabilities.

During the exhibit, Hockaday will transform the gallery into a recording studio where she will interview Tre Arrow, Barry Sanders, Vanessa Renwick, Jules Boykoff, Just Seeds, Karen Coulter, Rachel Hardesty, Roslyn Farrinton, Frances Michaelson of City Repair, Ariana Jacob, and Julie Koehlor.

Constance Hockaday is an activist and socially engaged artist. Her interests include raft building and the ethics of participation. She has exhibited at apexart in New York City, lectured on social practice art ethics at the University of Toronto, was a featured artist at the Portland Art Museum’s Shine A Light, and crashed the Venice Biennale with the Swimming Cities of Serenissima.


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