Public Social University
PSU is a “freeschool”— free, fun lectures and classes given by community members.

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Public Social University is organized by Judith Fleming and Rozzell Medina, two Social Practice art students at Portland State University. Rather than sculpting materials like wood or clay, social practice art sculpts society through community engagement. To learn more about PSU, email
or visit


Farmer's Market - Organic Vegetables

Live Food “Uncooking” Class

This is an interactive class aimed to introduce the basic principles and practices involved with live food: preparation, nutrition and life style.  We will discuss tools and tricks of the trade and gain hands on experience making tasty and nutritious, raw vegan dishes.  Come with questions and an empty belly!!!

A dinner made with the highest quality food and love available is included with the class.

Next Class: TBA
Location: SEA Change Gallery, 625 NW Everett, Gallery #110, Portland, OR 97209
Cost: $25 – $45 (sliding scale)
Class Size: 16

Please RSVP to reserve your spot by emailing or calling: Kyler at, 503.333.6744

BIO: Kyler Grandkoski is the Live Food Chef at The Yummy Tummy Kitchen of the Cell Rejuvenation Center (CRC) in John’s Landing, Portland, OR.  The CRC focuses on restoring and maximizing health through movement, nutritious foods, education and positive thought. For more information on the Yummy Tummy Kitchen or The Cell Rejuvenation Center services, call 503-452-1132.

Additionally, Kyler is the creator of Harmony Kitchen Creations, offering Personalized Live Food Services – private instruction, workshops, personal chef, menu planning, catering, specialty desserts and prepared foods- all around Northwest Oregon.  For more information email



  1. Great to have water as a focus. We need comprehensive water legislation in Oregon!

    Karen Mitzner

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