September 2010

“you call that a crown?”

Four Vancouver Island based artists put on a show

  • Marlene Bouchard
  • Marlaina Büch
  • Ross Angus Macaulay
  • Novembird

A site specific presentation on refuse, acquisition, authenticity, urban life, recipes and public water.

Marlene Bouchard will be branding public water in found glass bottles, bottled at the source of various mapped out Benson Bubbler fountains. Marlene Bouchard’s digitally formatted memoirs on being a pedestrian can be read here:

The Hunterapper is ok with destruction. Even those treading the softest path are crushing things underfoot. Favoring artistic violence over physical force, the Hunterapper goes berserk on morality, keeping it an open question. The Hunterapper wants to meet you on an uncontained field of inquiry to bash heads in the good-natured style of rams.

Ross Angus Macaulay will be collecting recipes written from memory. An investigation into the translation of oral traditions into text formats and vise versa. Recipes gathered from Portland will be written in playful typography as small chap books.

Novembird will be building a TrashThinkTank, a structure built entirely of refuse. The thinktank stems from our addiction to non questionable consumerism, and also the after life of the refuse built by it. One will be able to peer into the pyramid, and gaze at the time and solitude it protects.

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  1. pretty amazing things you’ve dreamed up. the world needs these kinds of conversations!

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