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sheet forts!

Build Your Own Awesome Sheet Fort Workshop! (BYOASFW!) on Friday, March 12th organized by Sol Crawford of City Repair. We immersed ourselves in the ancient art of pillow and sheet fort building while exploring the interaction between the ways we set up shelter and how that shapes who we are in community.

Build Your Own Awesome Sheet Fort Workshop! (BYOASFW!) on Friday, March 12th.

Build Your Own Awesome Sheet Fort Workshop! (BYOASFW!) on Friday, March 12th.

Build Your Own Awesome Sheet Fort Workshop! (BYOASFW!) on Friday, March 12th.

Build Your Own Awesome Sheet Fort Workshop! (BYOASFW!) on Friday, March 12th.

Build Your Own Awesome Sheet Fort Workshop! (BYOASFW!) on Friday, March 12th.

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Celebrate Gray Water Reuse in Oregon on World Water Day
March 22, from 5:30-7:30 pm at SEA Change

Thanks to an awesome grassroots campaign, gray water reuse is being legalized in Oregon – let’s celebrate this major step towards a more sustainable state!!

Recode Oregon invites you to revel in this victory, while being educated about gray water and supporting Recode’s statewide organizing efforts.

The event includes:
* a debut of Recode’s new video about gray water systems;
* updates about the ongoing Gray Water Advisory Committee and rulemaking;
* a sneak preview of Recode’s new EcoSanitation campaign;
* special guest Rep. Ben Cannon – one of the gray water bill’s champions;
* food, drinks and fun!

This celebration is a benefit for Recode’s statewide organizing tour to connect people throughout the state who are working to create sustainable culture by changing laws and regulations to encourage sustainable building and land use. This tour will culminate in a state wide Recode forum to strategize on future projects and campaigns.

$5-50 sliding scale donations requested.

For more information about Recode or this event, please see

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teahouse treehouse

the teahouse treehouse in action at City Repair's Reware

the teahouse treehouse in action at Reware

Building the Tea House Tree House: Sol is natural building a light straw clay wall, Alec is weaving branches for the lookout.

from above

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news from the bike bloc

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Apathy Rehabilitation Place
Organized by City Repair

March 4 – March 28
Opening Celebration: March 4 from 6p-10p


When the world seems sour and as if ‘Hope’ was a joke that stopped being funny a long time ago, it can become a wildly radical act to enjoy one’s life, to celebrate, seek inspiration and to laugh. Let it be known, that The City Repair Project is inviting you to play. From March 4th to the 28th SEA Change shall officially become The Apathy Rehabilitation Place.

For those suffering from a variety we like to call: The Problems Are Too Big, so I’ll Do Nothing About Them, we provide the following regimen:

  • On March 5th The ARP and Public Social University will collaborate to show how a group of homeless citizens created a village out of nothing, despite the insurmountable woes of public housing bureaucracy. The presentations and discussions around Dignity Village will leave you no longer capable of pretending that your attempts at life are futile.
  • On March 7th, City Repair and Village Building Convergence participants will come together for the first time in 14 years to tell their stories and provide examples of the undeniable potency in deciding that the world is collectively ours for the claiming. Through the use of such simple tools as sidewalk chalk, cob benches and conversation, these citizen villagers have transformed their neighborhoods into the sort of colorful, expressive and enchanting places that everyone from Dr. Seuss to Abraham Lincoln could be proud of.

A second variety of Apathy we like to call: Sure It’s Terrible, But That’s Just The Way That It Is. Our advanced remediation techniques used to combat this especially pervasive and aggressive form have also been shown to dramatically decrease chronic self medication through television, ice cream and pornography:

  • Beginning Thursday, March 4th with a Puppet Show entitled Dance at the Crossroads and continuing through Saturday the 27th with Imagination Reclamation: Coming to Our Senses we ask you to exercise the muscle of your imagination. Through the use of tactile participation and the enchanting quality of storytelling, we help you to temporarily suspend your belief in ‘reality’ and reintroduce yourself to the depth of bodily experience! Both of these exercises will leave you speechless, wondering how long has it been since I’ve played make believe?

A third and dangerous Apathy cluster is the all-too-common: But What Can I Do About It?

  • Throughout March, the ARP will offer numerous workshops, events and display a full exhibit of City Repair’s success in treating Apathy for the past 14 years. Coming to the ARP for just one of our many scheduled treatments can put the revolutionary tools into your hands. Really? Yes! Become a partner in health with your community by learning how to build a fort with your own bed sheets, get rid of trash and make soil with worms, send letters of hope to strangers, upcycle your junk, get free starts for your garden, or just sip tea in a sublime tea house made from would be trash while celebrating a radical new year with new friends! We are proud to offer these life altering, world shattering injections of joy, tell yourself, tell your friends and begin your rehabilitation!

Warning: The treatments provided at the ARP are extraordinarily effective and should only be consumed by those with a serious desire for the sensation of being Alive.

Click here for the full schedule of treatments.

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the byrds

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Upcoming Exhibit: City Repair

SEA Change's March Exhibit: Apathy Rehabilitation Place by City Repair

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Artist Mel Chin's Fundred Dollar Bill Project is coming to Portland! Come participate in the project at St. Mary's Academy this Friday, February 12 at 12:30pm.

The Fundred Dollar Bill Project is a national artistic project connecting and collecting the voices of 3 million youths across the country. Come draw a Fundred — an original, hand-drawn interpretation of US $100 bills. A veggie-oil powered armoured truck will arrive at 1:00pm to pick up the Fundreds. The truck’s cross-country drive will end in Washington DC where artist Mel Chin will request Congress to exchange the Fundreds for real funding to detoxify lead polluted soil in New Orleans.

Free and Open to All Ages
St Mary’s Academy
1615 Southwest 5th Avenue
Portland, OR 97201-5496

About Fundred:
Fundred on Art:21

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howard zinn: 1922 – 2010

Historian, writer and activist Howard Zinn died January 28 at the age of eighty-seven. Howard Zinn’s classic work A People’s History of the United States changed the way we look at history in America.

Watch Democracy Now’s tribute to Zinn:

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cop15 dispatch: presentation

What happened in Copenhagen?
What’s happening in Portland?
What’s going to happen in Mexico City?

Presentation and Discussion: Saturday, January 30 @ 3pm

Climate Change March, Copenhagen December 12

What happened in Copenhagen?
SEA Change co-curators Alec Neal (above) and Katherine Ball just returned from COP15: The United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. Learn about the creative activism they particpated in: making banners for the 100,000 person march, Yes Men stunts, and the Bike Bloc. Watch eye-opening speeches by leaders of the climate change movement, including Evo Morales and George Monbiot.

What’s happening with the climate change movement in Portland?
Share what you know and ideas you have.

What’s going to happen in Mexico City?
COP16 will be Mexico City in November 2010. At COP15, Danish activists did an amazing job organizing demonstrations, conferences, and getting the word out. Now that COP16 is on our continent, how will we lead and organize?

Can’t make it to the presentation?
Check out the videos about COP15 on SEA Change’s website:

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